Trumps NFL weekend smacks of political correctness

Welcome to PC world Donald Trump! Political correctness is silencing debate. One method of achieving this is casting doubt over the character of people expressing views you don’t like. This is what you did over NFL protests. You turned PC.

Instead of answering criticisms over police brutality, the higher than average chance of blacks being imprisoned or shot, and the general racial inequalities experienced by people of colour, what did you do? You went long and doubled down. Players protesting were SOBs, unpatriotic, against the military, disrespectful to the flag, and basically traitors. All false flags. 

No, they are not protesting the waving of a flag, or service in the military, or the national anthem. They believe there is institutional racism against blacks and are trying to change the culture of institutional silence and inaction on the matter.

Regretfully, your PC antics have had some effect. Players are being vilified because of your PC. You refused to tell your supporters that the US has problems with institutional racism. You refused to promote unity. You refused to state truthfully what the protests were about and lied as to what they weren’t about. 

You lied because you are a politically correct president spreading fake news.


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