Why FFAs are a load of …

Fatal foetal abnormalities (FFAs) are being used to justify abortion. FFAs are a load of bollocks, though. They are not a medical condition, but merely a kind of probability.

As an analogy, say if someone had a strain of a particular cancer and a doctor said there is a 25% chance of survival. The cancer itself forms the basis of a verifiable medical condition, while the probability of 25% is nothing other than an educated guess. The probability might go up and down over time. Furthermore, medicine evolves as a science and a 25% chance today might be a 5% chance tomorrow. However, the cancer strain remains the same now and for the short to medium term. The cancer is scientifically verifiable.

The same idea applies with so-called FFAs. A baby may have a brain condition, a heart condition, lung condition, etc .. which has a certain probability of limiting that baby’s life, or the quality of that baby’s life. For starters, to say the condition is ‘fatal’ is erroneous. You can only know a condition is fatal after the event. Someone could drive their car at 200 km/h into a brick wall, but you couldn’t say their driving was ‘fatal’ before the crash, only that it was fatal if they happened to die afterwards. But, then the phrase ‘foetal abnormality’ is just sophistry; it sounds scientific but does not denote anything concrete.

And why should so-called FFAs stop medical professionals in their tracks? With maternity care, we all know of cases where someone had a problem during their pregnancy, or after giving birth, and where the foetus or baby was definitely going to die (according to the received wisdom), but recovered after receiving medical care. In any event, the babies or foetuses didn’t beat an ‘FFA’ but some medical condition.

In sum, FFAs are just a fancy term for a medical guess. Whatever the probabilities, medical practitioners must work even against overwhelming odds. Otherwise, where do you draw th line? Will we leave people with 10% probabilities die? Or 20%? How is medical science going to evolve?? Typically, when medical practitioners do their best (to combat verifiable medical conditions), the rate of survival for such conditions goes up. Experience is gained by professionals and empirical evidence is acquired. So, don’t be conned by this FFA jargon.


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