Upcoming Free E-book Releases


In the next few weeks I intend to release two free e-books. The first is titled Political Animals and The Godfather. The second is titled Democracy: Theory and Practice.

Political Animals and The Godfather is based on The Godfather movie series. The purpose is to explain political concepts. The book is intended to be light-hearted and easy to read. It will be short, possibly 15,000 words.

Democracy: Theory and Practice is an essay. It explores how democracy is conceptualised by its most radical champions and the obstacles democracy faces in the ‘real world.’ It will perhaps be about half the length of Political Animals and is more technical.

Political Animals and The Godfather should be free on Amazon and other e-book websites (I have never published a book for free on Amazon so hope to be able to do it! Can’t give guarantees that it’ll be free unfortunately). Democracy: Theory and Practice should be available from this website. I hope to post details, updates, and some excerpts in the coming weeks.

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