Born in Cork, Ireland, in 1977, I hold a degree in physics and a doctorate in biophysics. But I primarily write about political topics. The reason? Well, the long and short of is that ever since the Irish financial crash of 2008 I began to wonder about the political world we live in and so embarked on a journey. While confused and admittedly no expert on political matters, I decided I had to read more and more. When I write, I help fix in my mind what I have read about. Every day is a new learning experience and I would welcome any input to correct me or elaborate on some point I have missed.

My journey so far has taken me mostly into the topics of sovereignty and dictatorship (although it’s unlikely to stop there!). As of September, 2016, I have published three books on political subjects, one book of poetry, and also written a free booklet.

I love getting paid for my books but would be willing to provide a free book, provided you give an honest and critical review.

Here are a list of the books I have published:


In the near future I hope to publish a book where I compare and contrast the political and economic theories of Ibn Khaldun and Carl Schmitt. I hope to post blogs about this book every month or so, to inform people of my research or where I am in my studies. Stay tuned for details.


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello
    I am Beyza Sumer whom you made reference to my article about ibn khaldun’s assabiya for social cohesion.
    I wish you good luck in your works.


    1. Thank you. My work on him should be out sometime next year. The working title (which I think will be the final one) is “Controversy and Crisis: The Question Concerning the Unquestioned in Ibn Khaldun, Machiavellli and Carl Schmitt”


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